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Buses are one of the primary means of public transport. Unfortunately, instances of negligence and recklessness can cause serious accidents, which often involve numerous victims.

For many people, their general means of transportation are buses. It is a fact the law recognizes and values. That is why there are regulations that specifically apply to buses to protect the safety of bus passengers and the general public. Unfortunately, sometimes bus drivers or bus companies carelessly dismiss their responsibilities. 

Usual Causes of Bus Accidents

Compared to other motor vehicles, buses have a lower risk of getting into accidents. However, when a bus gets into an accident, the chances of having serious injuries are higher compared to other ground transportation vehicles. This is because of several factors. One is the lack of safety restraints. Most buses don’t have seatbelt or airbags. Another factor is the sheer size and height of buses, which influence the buses’ stability and center of gravity, making them prone to tip-over.

    Here are some of the common causes of bus accidents:

    • Speeding
    • Driving Under the Influence
    • Driver Fatigue
    • Maintenance Failure
    • Tire Failure
    • Inadequate Bus Driver Training

    You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer Who Understands How Complicated Bus Accident Injury Cases Are

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